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The Cynthia Rock Loan Team

Lynn Corey
Production Coordinator

_MEP7602_3024 copy.jpg

Our fearless leader Cynthia has 25 years' experience in mortgages.  Now she puts that knowledge to work managing one of the top branches in the NRL universe!

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Lynn Corey
Production Coordinator


Katie is a licensed loan partner who always serves with a smile! Her great attitude is infectious and she knows he way around a loan.

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Lynn Corey
Production Coordinator


We are excited to introduce Courtney to the world of mortgages! She come to us with experience in property management and is looking forward to learning new skills. 

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Lynn Corey
Production Coordinator

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Sharla has 21 years experience in home sales and customer relations.  She works long nights and weekends to help her customers and realtors.

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Lynn Corey
Production Coordinator

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Lynn uses her 20 years of experience in mortgages to support the team in sales, marketing, pipeline management and process.

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Lynn Corey
Production Coordinator

Shelley Butler.jpeg

Shelley joins us with experience from the title side of the industry.  We are excited to have her fresh perspective on the team.

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Lynn Corey
Production Coordinator


Jeni has been processing loans for over 12 years.  She delights in developing bonds with her clients and her top priority is  a stress-free transaction.

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Lynn Corey
Production Coordinator


Jackson loves to roll around in grass, long walks by the lake, eating kibble, and protecting his mama. 

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Lynn Corey
Production Coordinator


Isabel is our bi-lingual loan partner. We are thrilled to have her join us with her vast mortgage knowledge.

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Katie Schoenwetter

Licensed Loan Partner

Team Mascot

Courtney Hoffmann

Isabel Arellano
Loan Partner

Lynn Corey
Operations Manager

Cynthia Rock
Branch Manager

Sharla Bortner

Business Development

Jenifer Coker

Team Processor

F1 134 _edited_edited.png

We think of the Cynthia Rock Loan team like an Formula 1 Race Team.  Everyone must perform at the highest level at all times to keep winning and the drivers safe. We are racing to the top of the mortgage industry with our amazing Rock Star Team!

Shelley Butler
Business Development

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