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Aug 29: Joseph Evan file, no name in LOA

Sept 2: Christian George file, no name in LOA

Sept10: Samuel Louder No notes nothing in call log 

Sept13: Fred Williams file-Missed a credit report expiration date - loan had to change from conv to FHA

Sept 14 Benavides file- no appraisal ordered 5 days after disclosures downloaded

Sept 22: Olibas file- no AUS in file when sent to processing

Sept 24: Olivas file- no Lead Status in dropdown

Sept 28: Knapp file, no notes in Sales Force no LOA

Sept 28: Blatnick file: no notes in Sales Force no LOA

Sept 28: Sutton file: no LOA

Sept 30: Wright File, no contract uploaded

Oct 05: Mackey file, man home set up as site built

Oct 07: Reyes file, no notes in Sales Force

Oct 12: Saenz file set up as FHA cash out

Oct 19: Alexander File, no notes in SF, no PAAL in weeks

Oct 21: Carrasco file, no LOA in Encompass

Oct 28: Hernandez file, contract received 6 days before set up

Nov 01: Lujan file no drop down lead status, no notes, no LOA

Nov 08: Multiple files no LOA 

Nov 08: Manoti file: Seller concessions too high for loan type

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