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Welcome to The Men's Tournament Challenge

Are you ready to rumble?!

Step 3

Once you have made your selection and entered your guess for the Final Score, click "Submit Picks".

Step 3_submit picks.png
Step 4

Login or Sign Up for ESPN. It's free :)

Step 5_Submission confirmation.png
Step 4_login or signup.png
Step 5

Exit out of the confirmation page and click "Create or Join a Group"

Step 6_Click join group.png

Search under ALL GROUPS and type, "Cynthia Rock"

Step 7_Search Cynthia.png

Type in password, "rock" & click Join Group

Step 9_pswd and join.png
Step 7

You're almost done! Your confirmation page should look this. 

Lastly, MAKE SURE THAT YOU EMAIL: CYNTHIAROCKTEAM@NRLMORTGAGE.COM with your EPSN USER NAME!!!! This is how we know how to contact the winners. Best of luck!

Confirmation Page.png
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